Granface Cleansing

The underlying DNA cells of the skin are affected by different external pollutants, causing..

HK$380.00 Ex Tax: HK$380.00

Granface Cream

Normalizes the DNA restoring cycle Prompting skin rejuvenation for fine-textured skin The rep..

HK$425.00 Ex Tax: HK$425.00

Granface Lotion

"Super moisturizing ability, promote skin metabolism, and show skin vitality" Clean again to res..

HK$410.00 Ex Tax: HK$410.00

Granface Wash

"Skin regeneration + zero pores" Ultra-fine thick bubbles for cleansing while skin care The de..

HK$320.00 Ex Tax: HK$320.00

Granface Serum

From the regenerative medical technology 「human stem cell culture fluid」" "Essence with outst..

HK$915.00 Ex Tax: HK$915.00

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