About Us

Realize healthy and beautiful for all
Wish for company mission

From product development and even beauty shop management to provide you with one-stop service.

In the spirit of unremitting efforts, we will do our utmost to assist in the selection of beauty products for our products.

Guide them to the road to success.

Company philosophy

We will firmly develop the products that our customers like and then set prices for the products to stand out in the market at a low price. Dedicated to the pursuit and priority, the price that is most suitable for the beauty industry, so that you continue to maintain the advantage.

From Nagoya to the world

After the establishment of Nagoya in Japan in 2004, NBS introduced commercial beauty equipment and self-developed hair removal machines to about 1,000 stores, including beauty salons and beauty salons in Japan. There are also various products that trade with about 3,000 stores.